Philadelphia, January 6. 1734-5. Advertisement The following tracts of land, in the rights of Joseph Helby [i.e., Helmsley], to be sold by John Sikes, and now to be seen on the records at Burlington, viz

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Place, Publisher, Year S.l. Printed by Benjamin Franklin [1735]
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Additional Information"Ascribed to Franklin's press on the evidence of the type."--Miller. - "Whoever inclines to purchase the whole or any part thereof, may apply to to [sic] Thomas Lawrence, Esq; in Philadelphia, and be further informed of the conditions of sale, &c.". - Bristol, B963. - Evans, 3862. - Hildeburn, C.R. Pennsylvania, 496. - Miller, C.W. Franklin, 116. - Shipton & Mooney, 40080
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