<<The>> Double conspiracy, or Treason discovered but not punished A matter of fact, delineated after the life, in the form of a play.

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Ort, Verlag, Jahr S.l. [Printed [by Hudson and Goodwin?] in the year 1783
Umfang85, [3] p. 18 cm. (4to)
Zusatzinfo"The paper and type are the same as the first edition of 'M'Fingal' printed by Hudson and Goodwin in 1782. The Epilogue is either by the author of the 'Modern Epic' [i.e. John Trumbull] or an excellent imitation of his style.--Trumbull, J.H. Connecticut, entry 609. - Evans, 17918. - Hill, F.P. Amer. plays, 66. - Trumbull, J.H. Connecticut, 609
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